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Obvious Child

"The abortion romantic comedy that we didn't know that we wanted. But definitely the one we needed" - said everyone ever


As you can tell, L and I were amply prepared for this movie. The only thing we knew was that Jenny Slate , David Cross, and an abortion star in it. All you need to know about this movie is that it's hilarious. Quick plot run down. Boy meets girl (Donna aka Jenny Slate). Boy farts in girls face. So many rounds of drinks happen. A condom makes a brief but worthless appearance. Girl gets pregnant, thinks about having an abortion. #modernlove

While Slate's relationship with her parents could have been better explored (more Muppets screen time!), her relationship with comedy is perfectly developed. The movie starts off with Slate doing stand up, and the comedy club is used as check in points throughout the film. Are women funny? I still don't know the answer to that question, but L and I guffawed a lot at all the fart jokes, so there's that. Gaby Hoffman was her usual spectacular self, offering up quirk, sage advice, and feminist rants in equal measures (as all best friends/ roommates are required to).  When are we getting more 'Transparent", Amazon?? We're in Hoffman withdrawal. 

It's just feels like such a revelation to have a relatively mainstream movie tackle this issue with nuance in a judgment-free manner. I would have probably gone to support director Gillian Robespierre anyway, but she made it very easy. 

tl; dr Watch Obvious Child. Drink red wine out of cartons. 


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